Adoption Journey to Lily Mei

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there and to all those waiting to become Mothers! May your day be as special as all of you!

Feeling blessed and nostalgic today and I look back on the details surrounding the adoption of our beautiful daughter two years ago. I have created adoption albums, adoption memory books, and adoption scrapbooks since coming home, but it had not occurred to me to create a video of our Adoption Journey to Lily Mei until this weekend.

So the project of the weekend was to create a video highlighting our personal adoption journey…………… a journey that was oh so very long, but one so worth the wait. Hard to believe that we have been back home now for two years – two incredible years! Sharing our Adoption Journey to Lily Mei video with you – please see our video below and enjoy!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Fast Tube by Casper


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