Adoption Keepsakes for the New Year

Happy New Year! With the coming of the new year we feel even more blessed to be celebrating almost three years with our adopted daughter. The joy that she has brought into our home is tremendous and we feel blessed each and every day as we reflect on what adoption has done for our family! Our first hand experience with adoption continues to inspire our original designs for adoption gifts, adoption keepsakes, adoption announcements, adoption ornaments, adoption postage stamps, as well as other adoption related items.

Please visit our site often as we will showcase new adoption designs and adoption gift items as they come available! Please also Contact Adoption Book and Gifts Store if we can be of any assistance!

Our China Adoption Story can be found on uTube for anyone who is interested in our story!

Wishing you all a blessed 2014 and beyond! Celebrate adoption!

Lockets and Necklaces Make Treasured Gifts

"custom lockets and necklaces"  Beautifully designed lockets and necklaces make cherished gifts for years to come! Photo, monogram, floral, special occasion, as well as many other locket and necklace designs are available from hundreds of talented artists. Whether you need a special Mother’s Day gift for Mom or Grandma, a graduation gift, birthday gift, adoption or birth gift, or a keepsake for another special occasion, custom lockets and necklaces are a thoughtful and sentimental gift option. If you see a design that you like, note that in most cases a design will be available as a locket and/or as a round or square necklace. Just select the design you like and then select the type of necklace you desire.

Our most popular locket is the custom photo locket. Just replace the sample photo with your favorite photo and add text if desired, such as a special message or personalize with a name. Some photo locket designs are featured below or you can browse through hundreds of photo lockets in the store gallery. Photo necklaces are also available.

Personalized Photo Locket
Personalized Photo Locket by AdoptionGiftStore
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Blue Polkadot Baby Boy Photo Necklace
Blue Polkadot Baby Boy Photo Necklace by reflections06
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Floral Print Photo Frame Necklace
Floral Print Photo Frame Necklace by reflections06
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Photo Locket with Red Heart
Photo Locket with Red Heart by AdoptionGiftStore
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Photo Locket
Photo Locket by AdoptionGiftStore
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"mother's day necklaces"

Lockets and necklaces for Mothers and Grandmothers are a popular item for the upcoming Mother’s Day. Remember Mom on May 12, 2013 with one of these cherished lockets or necklaces!

Floral Happy Mothers Day Necklace
Floral Happy Mothers Day Necklace by HolidayFun
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Mom, Simply the Best necklace
Mom, Simply the Best necklace by justKIS
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"mother's day necklaces and lockets"
Check out the store gallery for hundreds of beautiful Mother’s Day Necklaces and Lockets.   Other custom lockets and necklaces are available in numerous designs and themes, including monogram necklaces. Some of our favorites are included below or you can browse through all of the beautiful lockets and necklaces that are offered in the necklace store gallery.
LOVE Necklace
LOVE Necklace by AdoptionGiftStore
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PEACE Necklace
PEACE Necklace by AdoptionGiftStore
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Rose Garden Necklace
Rose Garden Necklace by AdoptionGiftStore
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"necklaces and lockets"

Know a special graduate? Celebrate graduation with a special graduation necklace or graduation locket – a very special gift to mark this important milestone! A few featured graduation necklaces are below or you can check out the graduation necklace store for hundreds of fun necklace designs!

2013 Classic Font w/Grad Cap & Diploma Necklace
2013 Classic Font w/Grad Cap & Diploma Necklace by GraduationClassOf
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"photo lockets and monogram necklaces"

Birth Flower Necklaces and Gifts are also available for your favorite birthday girl! Check out these birth flower birthday gift ideas!

Mothers Day 2



Photo Gift Options

Create custom keepsakes and photo gifts that will be treasured for a life time! There is a huge selection of gifts that can be customized with your family photos and/or artwork. Personalize one of the existing photo templates available or upload your favorite pictures and have them printed on calendars, ornaments, mugs, key chains, postage stamps, shirts, plates, posters, candy jars, napkins, pillows, and more! If desired, add a special message to your custom designed photo gifts and you’ll have an instant family heirloom that your loved ones will adore for years to come. Custom photo products also make great holiday gifts for relatives and friends. Most photo products ship in 24 hours so check out the huge selection of beautiful photo gift options available today!

"Custom photo gifts with adoption theme"

Photo Ornaments

"adoption theme ceramic photo ornament"   "custom photo holiday ornaments"   "custom holiday photo ornaments"

Photo Lockets

"custom photo lockets and necklace pendents with an adoption theme"

Photo Gift Categories are listed below:

"custom photo gift by category"