The Forever Garden: An Adoption Story

"the forever garden is an adoption story for children"The Forever Garden: An Adoption Story is a cheerfully designed children’s book about adoption and blossoming love. This children’s book has a simple and important message ~ every child is very special and holds an exceptional place in our lives. This adoption book was written for adopted children and their older siblings or anyone interested in sharing a story of inclusion and love.

Celebrate adoption with this newly published children’s story book about adoption and love.

The Forever Garden: An Adoption Story ~ See cover images and a few sample pages below.

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“A flowers roots will grow strong where they are planted and with love will grow stronger year after year…” ~ from The Forever Garden

The author shared the following: “Some time ago, we began our journey to adopt a little girl. Over five years later, our long-awaited baby girl came home to join her special big brothers and complete “Our Forever Garden”. Due to my love of flowers and gardens, I wanted to share a story of adoption in this cheerful book set in the garden. Written for adopted children and their older siblings.”

This cheerful adoption story can be purchased via Amazon or via or via Barnes and Noble. We hope that you enjoy this touching story.

Customer reviews of this book on include:

“Sweet book – made my son and daughter both smile! Love the interior designs as they are bright and colorful – great for any child!”


“Highly Recommended Children’s Book about Adoption and Blossoming Love. This is a sweet story told in a garden setting that will make children and adults smile. Cheerfully designed with bright flowers, this story shares a message of inclusion and acceptance and is appropriate for adopted children or for any other child that you want to share the concept of acceptance and inclusion with. The graphics are bright and cheerful and the words very sweet! Beautiful book!”

Give the gift of reading and spread a positive message about adoption, building families, and blossoming love! Check out The Forever Garden ~ this adoption book will make children and adults smile! A great gift for a child or adoptive parent – celebrate adoption!